Keynote: Security for non-hackers beyond »Use Tor. Use Signal.« 2016-07-13

Individual and organizational security needs are seldom simply a technical challenge but rather an operational one. »How do we get things done with minimal interference from those who would rather not see us getting it done?« That is the question facing journalists, activists and human rights defenders of all stripes around the world.

In order to provide a practical answer we need to go further than tool guides and how-tos. We need to establish baselines of digital literacy and security thinking, and build up the collective habits commonly known as 'security culture'.

This talk lays some conceptual groundwork for integrating security into the modes of operation of newsrooms, the offices of NGOs and law firms, activist affinity groups and other forms of organization with unmet security needs. It is directed for non-hackers and hackers alike.

Henrik Chulu

Henrik Chulu is a co-founder of the Danish internet policy think tank Bitbureauet. He likes to think and write about digital security and other forms of information asymmetry.