Keynote: Words and Power - are we making the most of online activism? 2016-07-06

For years, big names like Ed Snowden and Chelsea Manning have given up their lives in order to protect regular people like you and me from breaches of our privacy. But we are still struggling with getting people interested in internet privacy. Why is this, and what can we do? Using experience from communicating privacy issues on multiple levels for a couple of years, I have encountered some deep seated issues in the way we talk about what privacy means. Are we good enough at letting people know what's going on?

Emma Holten

Emma Holten is a feminist and human rights activist. She is co-founder and editor of the standard critical magazine Friktion and also a student at the University of Copenhagen. She speaks in both national and global contexts of feminism, digital activism and why privacy on the internet is crucial to a democracy, where everyone is equal.