Talk: Privacy, Data Protection, Security and Law: Practical Steps Forward (a Swedish Perspective) 2016-06-29

A new data protection regulation, increasing pressure on legislatures to circumvent or side-step human rights and a faltering technical infrastructure that isn't up to the task of protecting the individual are some of the challenges for humanity at this ever crucial point in time. is a Swedish NGO which has been working since spring 2015 raising these issues in the Swedish executive. Through advocacy work, we raise important individual and consumer security concerns, but we have also developed a simple web-tool which allows web masters - or their visitors - to request simple, cheap and fast implementation of technical measures to improve data protection qualities of a website. We will present our work in spring 2016 developing the tool, the criteria with which we measure a data protecting web, and some of our additional advocacy work in the field of data protection in Sweden.


Amelia Andersdotter and Anders Jensen-Urstad have worked in the European Parliament for several years. Since 2014 they run, and since spring 2015 is a Swedish NGO. Anders brings technical expertise to the core of the organisation, while Amelia is the policy-ninja.