Keynote: Infocalypse Now - and how to Survive It? 2016-06-22

Digitalization is on everybodys mind - and so is control and registration of citizens. States and businesses all choose sadly unsecure data-silo-systems and piles up sensitive data without securing anything. Critical Infrastructure is privatized and sold off and secure, analog systems are being torn down in the name of progress. Its an evolving Infocalypse, where all info can be manipulated, stolen and used, our money system, personal data and administrations are doomed in a world of greedy blackhats, cyberwarfare-troops, autonomous drones, herfbombs, solarstorms and intelligence agencies on steroids The Beast is unleashed, can it be stopped, or is it anyone for him self?

Anders Kjærulff

Anders Kjærulff is a jounalist, poet, technology-critic and radiohost with a weekly, one hour radioshow on privacy and data protection. He is currently working on a dystopic book about the end of all privacy and the dim future, that lies ahead.