Talk: Simulated DDoS Attacks, Breaking the Firewall Infrastructure 2016-06-13

DDoS Attacks have become a daily annoyance for many, and we need to create robust infrastructure. This tutorial will go through a proposed method for testing your own infrastructure using off-the-shelf tools like packet generators hping3 and t50 on Kali Linux.

The goal for the tutorial is to explain:

The content will include:

There won’t be any exercises, but I recommend trying to install Kali Linux on a Virtual Machine to get familiar with this Linux distribution.

I will be doing demos showing how I run commands and monitor a DDoS simulation.

Henrik Lund Kramshøj

Henrik is an internet samurai working in internet and security around the world.

Professional security consultant with an understanding of business and economics with regards to securing enterprises.

I primarily work with internet infrastructure and security, creating a safe place to conduct internet business by providing security services, consulting and management for infrastructure services related to networking, RIPE requests, BGP routing and multi-homing, firewalls, switches, netflow, log servers, intrusion detection, VPN services, patch and configuration management.