The ticket shop is now officially open 2016-06-01

TL;DR: Tickets are out, if you buy a cabin spot please remember to buy an ordinary ticket as well. Call for speakers will be out shortly. A call for sponsors will also be available shortly. Thank you.

We are very happy to officially open the BornHack shop for ticket sales. It is possible to buy a variety of tickets. Hopefully this post will make it easier for you to decide what ticket is right for you.

It is also possible to buy a ticket for a bus transportation sponsored by PROSA. This ticket will only be available for PROSA members for the first 14 days - after that it will be available for non-members as well for the same price. More information about the transport will be available at a later point in time.

T-shirts and other merchandise will be available for sale later.

Speaking at BornHack

A call for speakers will be announced soon. Please start preparing your titles, abstracts and biographies for us.

The model we are going to run with is that we hope that most of the speakers will participate in BornHack for the entire week and will buy their own ticket. If you cannot stay for the entire week we will provide you with a one day ticket to the event and you will have to pay for transportation to and from the island yourself. For keynotes we pay transport and tickets - we reach out to keynotes ourselves, but if you have a presentation that you believe would be keynote material you are very welcome to reach out to us yourself once the call for speakers is announced.

Sponsoring BornHack

A call for sponsors will be announced very soon.

On behalf of the BornHack team,

hlkv6 and ahf.