Network Warrior Weekend Camp NWWC

We do networks and will try to gather networkers, network equipment and such close to the Bornhack NOC, so we can talk about networks.

There will probably be a screen to show presentations and a small program of network related presentations, so come by and show of your network projects.

Keywords: Ethernet, Layer2, Layer3, SNMP, OSPF, BGP, firewalls, routers, switches, syslog, ACL, security, denial of service, syn flooding, DDoS, Kali Linux, Nmap, portscan, Parallella, Beaglebone, Kibana, Elasticsearch, Suricata, Zeek IDS, Metasploit, IEEE 802.1q, 802.11, 802.1x, STP, BPDU guard, IPv4, IPv6, ICMPv6, NTP, Cisco IOS, 802.3ad, Junos, DDoS, pktgen, t50, hping, Kali Linux, ARM, FPGA, Netflow, Netconf, coke, beer, danish hygge